What we do

Development of tailored solutions for your needs

Our intent is to optimize the dialogue between IT and Companies's strategical business through a consulting service able to solve any kind of IT outsourcing requirement.

Software development

Continuous R&D of innovative applications

We develop applications tailored to your needs, capable of satisfying any kind of requirements.

Activity step

Data acquiring
Feasibility analysis
Functional and technical analysis
Project Management
Agile and Waterfall models
Test Delivery
Release Management


IT Security

Our technology and our experience are at your infrastructural security disposal

We design networks and IT infrastructures following each evolution's step and offering support in:

- IT security: Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Test
- Systems support
- Cloud Computing Solutions


Risk Assessment

Service and systems vulnerability study

Wideside's Penetration Tests (PT) check the security of an infrastructure by trying to violate it dispatching a huge variety of of cyber and non-IT attacks. PT's activities aim provided by Wideside is to give a detailed consciousness on vulnerabilities, eventually workable by third parties to obtain unauthorized access, to the customer.

Tests topics

- Bugs, vulnerabilities and security holes of the software
- Networks design weaknesses
- Firewalls and routers weaknesses
- Web server's scripts weaknesses
- Configuration errors of principal executing services
- Problems related to physical access to the machines


Consulting & It Service

We offer continuous technical support

Our consulting service solve the outsourcing's needs of clients that prefer not to directly manage their own IT system or software projects. We handle software development and customization, existing legacy systems maintenance, platforms porting.

Technicians, Systemists, Developers and Projects Manager are at disposal directly in our customers' offices for maintenance activities, upgrading, analysis and development on fixed dates and normally constant.

This solution produces a sensible saving, both in terms of pure hourly cost, and above all of training/updating one. It also guarantees a very high service continuity.

The customer can integrate its own skills in core business with "ready to go" specialists only for the necessary time. So that, it will be possible to reach cost's and efficiency's targets required by a project.


Digital Farm

From web development to digital marketing. Everything just a click away

Wideside has been always attentive to web development topics. Our applications and our websites comes with proprietary Content Management Systems (CMS), making the final user independent in data entry and content editing. Otherwise we can totally manage custom projects written in html5/css3. Our technologies are at the forefront for security, ready for SEO and fully responsive. We realize graphics, forntend and backend taking care of every detail. We specialize mainly on cases regarding Hospitality thanks to our partnership with SHS Hospitality Solutions.

Some of our customers are Golf Ascona, Hotel Casa Berno, Hotel Meridiana and Albergo Losone.


Training courses

Tailored solutions and services for your needs

Increasing individual productivity within companies is an important goal to be achieved. Personal skills regardless of the role held in the company, are the basis for achieving this goal.

- Assessment activities that define the actual level of knowledge of each participant in order to create homogeneous classrooms
- Based on an assessment and the role of the participants, the possibility to better identify the exercises
- Possibility for the participants to work on a real case in the classroom
- Classroom courses with certified teachers (top-level skills)
- Courses perfectly tailored to the needs of participants. Ability to define the content and duration of a course at Intermediate level on the basis of the basic and advanced courses
- Post course support: possibility to contact and have support in case of need.


Analysis and design

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