Innovative Solutions

Innovative Solutions to improve your business' performance

Predicting the future is easier than it looks. It does not require super powers or magic formulas. Wideside analyzes the present and the past to predict the future.

To predict does not mean to guess accurately, but to restrict the probability field as much as possible.

Big Data Analytics & Cloud

Solutions to face new business challenges

We offer tools ready to be included in business process. Through available data they can model, simulate and predict future performance in order to give increasingly rapid and complete responses.

Solutions to improve business process

How to take quick and intelligent business decisions based on immediate and real information

Wideside has always been mindful to new technologies. That's why in recent years it has increasingly become more specialized in data management.

Numbers are commonly considered to be capable to solve any kind of problem.

For Wideside, facing a world of ‚Äč‚Äčnumbers without knowledge, critical conscience and a bit of reasoning means getting lost in a maze.

We use statistical models to "listen" to the data and to learn from experience.

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Advanced consulting in engineering and innovation

We work in complex projects employing high experinced engineers mainly in the following fields:

  • - Telecommunications and media
  • - Energy
  • - Industry & Life Sciences
  • - Automotive
  • - Infrastructures & Transportation

Our technicians got an elevated grade of specialization. This makes effective our professional bond, mainly regarding offered skills.